Open Digits

About OpenDigits

All tech startups come with a great origin story. So that you know where we’re coming from, here’s ours:

It all starts with one life-long entrepreneur. 

After working with numerous tech startups and helping them automate their financial administration, what we continued to hear from other founders in the tech community was the need for an all-inclusive partnership.

That’s how OpenDigits was born.

Our mission is to provide exceptional bookkeeping expertise to an underserved market — tech founders who spend their time thinking about deferred revenue, subscription models, scale, burn rates, and need constant stakeholder documents.

These founders are busy. Perhaps the busiest people on the planet. The OpenDigits team has been in your shoes and know what it’s like. We know tech, and have a dedicated accounting team that works exclusively in the startup space.

If you’re looking for a bookkeeping partner who has served countless companies like yours, say hello to OpenDigits.